At SASPI we offer customized thread rolling solutions for customers seeking adaptation and improvement of production processes. We present to you the case study of one of our clients in Germany who works for the aerospace industry.

What was the challenge?

The company needed to chamfer and face the parts before threading. In addition, they did not have the physical space for two individual machines with their respective feeding systems and electrical cabinets, so they needed a single solution.

We already had in our catalog a specific solution for this problem, the combined thread rolling machine with a pointing machine, to carry out the chamfering and threading or drilling and threading processes of the parts in a single feed.

However, this solution was not sufficient in this case, since titanium parts are treated. The machining process was carried out with coolant (a mixture of water with soluble oil), while the rolling process had to be carried out with cutting oil. The problem was that the machined parts could not carry any coolant to the threading station and mix with the oil, contaminating it.

What we did?

SASPI's engineering team installed an innovative shower system that cleans the parts, coupled with another step-by-step system with a high-temperature dryer so that the parts arrive dry and clean at the threading area. All this was done without increasing the dimensions of the machine, a key factor for our client.


Cleaning and drying system and Thread rolling and pointing machine with cleaning and dryer system

What have we achieved?

  • Process optimization and productivity improvement.
  • Optimization of resources and spaces.
  • Innovative solution to a key challenge in the company.
  • Customer satisfaction.

At SASPI we follow an exhaustive procedure of listening to the production needs of our clients, researching our own and third-party solutions, to finally develop and implement the best tailored solution. Tell us about your case and our team of experts will analyze your situation.