At SASPI we have extensive experience in the manufacture of washer assembly units of all types with advanced options and the most cutting-edge technology in the sector.

That is why we have 3 types of incorporators to satisfy the different needs of our clients.

Our journey over more than 60 years places us as specialists in the manufacture of fastening machinery, especially in the automotive field, among others.

That is why we want to introduce you to the our thread roller machines with washer assembly units and stand alone washer assembly units, which has a system for inserting washers into the pieces before threading.

Do you know the most important competitive advantages of our washer assembly units?

    • Possibility of assembling up to two washers per screw
    • Possibility of assembling rubber or neoprene washers
    • Maximum productivity with bolt recovery system without washers
    • Washers up to 60mm in diameter
    • Easy washer change system

For more information visit our website and consult the technical sheet.

If you want personalized attention to these or other solutions, you can contact us via email Our team of experts will advise you on the most suitable machine for your business.