Talleres SASPI is celebrating! This year the Basque manufacturer of machinery celebrates 60 years of worldwide experience, accompanying and supporting companies from all continents.

It has been a long journey that the company has managed to carry out based on innovation and constant improvement, quality and trust.

Established in 1961 in the heart of the Basque Country by a 7-person family, Talleres SASPI is today among the market leaders in the fastener production field. Indeed, the name reflects the origins of the still-family-owned company: "zazpi" means seven, in Euskara.

Although the company was born with the aim of expanding all over the world, it wasn’t until 1986 that the company really focused on exporting its technology. Now, exports account for 98% of Talleres SASPI’s production.

What was the key factor?

The commitment to continuous innovation. In an ever-evolving market, technology requirements change daily, and companies need to keep pace with the customers’ necessities. Talleres SASPI has always been ahead of its game: back in 1998, SASPI machines were among the first to implement a touchscreen control panel, for example. Only 4 years later, the company began installing linear drive and direct drive components in its lines, way before the majority of the industry.

The ability to quickly adapt to new needs has proven to be fundamental these days. The global pandemic running rampant over the world has driven customers to require remote access capabilities for their machines, and the Basque company was ready.

Remote production management and parts monitoring has been possible for years on SASPI’s machines. But that is not all, because the efforts and investments in R&D will mean preventive error detection in the near future to avoid downtimes altogether, in a quest to maximize productivity even further.

The management and the team of professionals that are part of Talleres SASPI wish to thank the group of clients, partners and collaborators for the trust they have placed in the company over these 60 years. With dedication, perseverance and effort they face the future, adapting to the needs of the market and becoming a leader in the manufacture of machinery.