At Saspi we are committed to adaptation to processes, facilitating to our clients all the information they need.

To do this, we have designed a new interactive catalog that allows you to dynamically discover the thread rollers and secondary operation machine solutions that Saspi offers.

The application of the most advanced technologies places us at the forefront to carry out new and constant improvements that reinforce competitiveness in the sector, and thus be able to offer the best guarantee to our clients.


What are our objectives?

  • High quality products are provided to satisfy the most demanding customers, the latest innovations are used to offer the best guaranteed performance.

  • The latest innovations in the development of new products and the application of cutting-edge technology.

  • Competitive prices with guarantees of quality and durability for a long time.

  • Adaptation to customer needs. We offer the best possible service, focusing our efforts on studying the client's needs to determine with certainty the processes and equipment that best suit their needs.


New interactive catalog

Below you can consult our new catalog and find out the technical details of each machine.




Do you need personalized attention on the different machines? You can contact us through the contact section and our team of expert professionals will advise you on the most appropriate solution for your company.