The production of machines has been slowed but this pause has been used for creativity as the "brains" of SASPI are busier than ever. This period is being used to create new ideas, update and upgrade machines.

On the other hand, in Spain the total lockdown of the industry has been for 8 days so this will not affect SASPI customers’ orders delivery times. After Easter Holidays SASPI will continue manufacturing machinery and spare parts in full production.

SASPI will continue assembling their well known secondary operation machines as MPA-14 and DOM-16 constantly evolved machines to fulfill customers and markets needs. Machines equipped with a user friendly set up and completely motorized centering system to create the quickest and most precise equipment to set-up in the market.

 Regarding the thread rollers, SASPI machines are designed to maximize production times and reduce down time for set ups and change-over, as well as allowing an operator freedom to manage multiple jobs. For this reason the machines are automated and motorized in order to avoid the use of tools as much as possible and increase the efficiency and precision of adjustments. All rail adjustments are motorized as well as the die match and the stationary die block. The SASPI motorized die block patented system can adjust the diameter with high precision in few seconds, just pressing the screen, saving a lot of manual work and time. Both dies are clamped hydraulically an all these facts are controlled by a touch screen where you are able to store job numbers into the memory and recall when needed with all set up dimensions.