At SASPI we have extensive experience in manufacturing secondary operation machines with the most cutting-edge technology in the market. 

Our journey over more than 60 years places us as specialists in the manufacture of this type of solutions, especially in the field of automotive fasteners and the aerospace sector. Find out what we can do for you! 

Types of secondary operation machines

From SASPI we offer three types of machines to satisfy the different needs of our clients.

The MPA - Pointing machine is designed for the fasteners industry in which its main function is the facing and chamfering of parts. It combines robust high-speed production capacity with the highest precision required by the highest quality standards. A suitable machine for all types of industries.


The MPA SD - Machine provides us with greater precision and repeatability to meet the highest standards. Optionally, they have the ability to perform operations on the screw heads.


The DOM 16 - secondary operation machine is specially designed for the aerospace industry. This machine has two workstations in which the pieces can be faced, drilled and broached in one go.



Do you know the competitive advantages that SASPI brings to your company?

SASPI second-hand machines are characterized by exceptional quality with the following added benefits:

    • Very versatile machines that cover a very wide range of sizes
    • Very compact and complete machines
    • Fully automated set-up
    • Adequate to all sectors (automotive, aviation, etc.)
    • They can make points of all kinds
    • Highest finishing quality with vibration reduction
    • Long tool life and durability


For more information visit our machines section where you can consult all its characteristics and technical sheets.

Do you need personalized attention on these or other solutions? You can contact us via email and our team of expert professionals will advise you on the most suitable machine for your business.