At SASPI we are specialists in providing advanced solutions for the manufacture of automotive components. Our objective is to contribute to the development of technological solutions adapting to the needs of the sector.

Do you know what advantages we bring to your company? Below we review the main differentiating elements with high added value that we offer from SASPI to the automotive industry:

-High speed and high productivity machine.The advanced features of our machines are focused, among others, on achieving the optimization of production processes, providing agility and efficiency.

-Easy-to-use machines for the same operator to control several machines. We are committed to optimizing control systems based on simplicity and effectiveness. This element is key to improving the operational productivity of companies.

-The most robust machine on the market designed for threading screws after heat treatment. Durability is a very important value for SASPI, the tools used meet the most demanding standards in terms of quality, precision, reliability and durability, demanded by customers, which guarantees their full satisfaction.

-Machines with the latest technology on the market and prepared for Industry 4.0. We are at the forefront of incorporating advanced production techniques and intelligent operations systems.

-Possibility of adding a washer incorporation system to the entire range of threading machines.


At SASPI we have different solutions for the automotive sector such as:

  • Flat die thread rolling machines – cold rolling
  • Threading rolling machine with washer assembly units
  • MPA pointing machine

Thanks to these solutions we reinforce competitiveness in the sector, offering the best guarantee to our clients.

If you want more information about these or other solutions, you can contact us through the email We will be delighted to assist you!