We analyze all the details of our FR thread forming machine.

At Saspi we are specialists in offering advanced solutions for the design and manufacture of thread rolling machines and secondary operations machines, which are distributed worldwide. All our machines have the best quality and precision with high performance.

On this occasion we will give details about our FR thread forming machine, a long-stroke machine specially designed for the form rolling of complex profiles. Continue reading!


What advantages does our FR thread forming machine offer?

At Saspi we work every day to offer the best quality in our solutions. These are the advantages offered by our FR thread forming machine:

  • Suitable for large deformations and multiple processes in a single pass.
  • Meets the production needs of modern companies.
  • Latest technology incorporated.
  • More compact than a conventional threading machine: great forces or inertia are not needed, only long die for high amount of revolutions.
  • Threading quality and precision.
  • High performance in high demand productions.

What sectors does this machine apply to?

Our FR thread forming machine is mostly used in the automotive industry, especially in industrial processes of grooving, knurling, threading, annular, chamfering or in the creation of spheres.


60 years of experience offering threading solutions

Saspi is a company with more than 60 years of experience, which serve as a guarantee for being able to design and manufacture advanced and top-quality fastener machines, mainly intended for the following industries: automotive, aeronautics, construction and household appliances.

Nuestro principal objetivo es garantizar la durabilidad de nuestras máquinas y la satisfacción de nuestros clientes. Para cualquier duda o cuestión que pueda surgir, nuestro equipo de expertos estará encantado de atenderte y dar con la mejor solución, ¡no dudes en contactarnos!Our main objective is to guarantee the durability of our machines and the satisfaction of our customers. For any questions or issues that may arise, our team of experts will be happy to assist you and find the best solution, do not hesitate to contact us!