In this context of global crisis, it is essential to improve productivity and performance in all those automotive component manufacturing processes in an agile and autonomous way.


High added value machines

At SASPI we are specialists in providing advanced solutions for the manufacture of automotive components. Our objective is to contribute to the development of technological solutions adapting to the needs of the sector.

Manufacturers and solution providers must share knowledge and new forms of collaboration to address future challenges that are coming, such as achieving more efficient machines, higher productivity with less labor, better control of productivity and greater remote accessibility to machines.


What do we contribute to the automotive industry from SASPI?

  • Connected machines: better control of production and productivity.
  • Modular machines: possibility of combining different processes (machine with washer assembly units, thread rolling machine with chamfering machine, machine for double thread, machine for stud, etc.)
  • The most robust and reliable machines on the market.
  • Flexible machines to adapt to changes in the market and products. Possibility of adding elements in the future. For example, induction system to heat parts.
  • Machines with the latest technology on the market and prepared for Industry 4.0.


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