The automotive sector has been particularly affected by supply shortages and the lack of semiconductors, during the global pandemic that we have experienced in the last two years.

This situation has begun to gradually reverse in recent months after a period of lethargy in which manufacturers and solution providers have shared knowledge and new forms of collaboration to address future challenges that are coming, such as achieving more efficient machines, higher productivity with less labor, better productivity control and greater remote accessibility to machines.

At SASPI we are specialists in supplying advanced solutions in the manufacture of screws for the automotive industry. We have the maximum experience and knowledge of the sector after a journey of more than 60 years that places us as specialists in the manufacturing processes of fasteners.

What do we bring to the automotive industry from SASPI?

  • Quick and easy changeover on all machines to minimize downtime.
  • We have very robust threading machines for threading after heat treatments.
  • Combined machines for threading parts without heads and with washers.
  • Secondary operations machines with maximum productivity for the volumes of the automotive sector.


Discover our solutions for the automotive sector

GV - Flat die hot thread rollers - See characteristics

MPA SD - Pointing machines - See characteristics

GV+WA - Threading machine with washer assembly - See characteristics


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