Fasteners are fundamental in the automotive industry, one of the most important and demanding sectors for these products, since fasteners are key to the production of vehicles and to guarantee their safety.

The bolts in the automotive industry

Everything in the automotive industry is manufactured in large volumes and fasteners are no exception. Production lines are normally created for the same type of piece or pieces of the same diameter since they start from a wire of the same diameter.

Normally the line follows the processes of heading, heat treatment, threading and second operations. That is why it is very important that none of these steps fail and the production goes flawless.

Characteristics of the fasteners

These are the main characteristics of the fasteners for the automotive sector:

  • Large production volumes.
  • High range and variety of screws: from very small to large.
  • Threaded screws after heat treatments.
  • Hard materials.
  • Screws with washers.
  • Stable and reliable machines.
  • Possibility of working without operator.
  • Night work shifts.
  • Need for sensors in the machines that are capable of stopping it in the event of a failure and communicating it.

Experts in the automotive sector

At SASPI we have extensive experience offering fastener manufacturing solutions for the automotive sector. This allows us to make new and constant improvements through continuous innovation and advanced technologies to guarantee the highest quality in our services.

We have different solutions such as: 


Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine




Threading machine with washer assembly

MPA Pointing Machine

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts, who will help and advise you on everything you need to find the best solution for your business.