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SASPI, a company located in the municipality of Azkoitia, since its inception in the 60s, has evolved constantly adapting to market needs. Proof of this has been the move from being a small manufacturer of machinery, to actually be a leader in manufacturing machinery for sectors such as aerospace and automotive.
In this long should be noted the special attention SASPI intended to:

-Get the best quality.
-Innovate with new product development and application of cutting edge technology.
-Competitive pricing.

SASPI always has been committed to the internationalization of the company, getting a presence on five continents through its extensive sales network.
SASPI is characterized by its aim of offering customers the best service possible focusing its efforts on continuous research of new technologies that allow them to develop innovative products that differentiate us from the competitors, besides studying the needs of the client to determine with certainty the processes and equipment that best suit their needs. For this purpose SASPI has a fully equipped R & D department which works in achieving these goals and has emerged as the key determinant of its progressive growth.